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Ford - Econovan - 1999 - $6,000

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Ford - Econovan - 1999 - $6,000
« on: 18,April,2016 »

Available: Now

Selling in: Sydney

Sellers name: Anne

Make: Ford

Model: Econovan

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 1999

Registration number: S894BJP

Registered in: SA

Registration expires: 10 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 270,000

Car Condition: See my description

Colour: White

Price: $6,000

Anne registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 61452278525  (Lebara mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Hi Guys!
Its time to sell "Fjordy", my nice Backpacker Ford Econovan in top mechanical conditions . I drove 18.000km around Australian and he never let me deserted, not at the coast sides, neither in the outback.

- from 1999
- only 274.500km
- new engine by 150.000km
- new rear and front brakes
- new tyres by 254.000km
- i am still the second backpacker, so my carseller made this car to a perfect backpacker car (details later in the text)
- Inspection test in February (cause I changed the Rego from Victoria to South Austrlia
- new Rego valid until February 2017 (so included 1000$ Rego costs)
- isolated ex food transporter (keeps ypu longer cool inside as normal cars)
- last suspension at 254.000k
- needs only 10l petrol on 100km
- 45 - 50l petrol tank
Why I bought this car in 09/2015:
- looks like a commercial van, not like backpacker car, which allows you to stay in cities
- has a real fridge
- an installed recharge dock station for two USB possibilties in the sleeping back (tablet and smartphone)
- another possibility to recharge phones or other things in the front
- 2 installed LED lights
- an installed distribute (so you controll the power for the fridge, lights and recharger with the second batteries
- 2 huge deep cycle batteries with Volt controller
- all accessible storage in wood, no under bed mess
- full seating height
- surfboard, bodyboard and 2 Wetsuits
- new big comfortable matress (209$)
- new pillows and sheeds
- new blanket
- new car loud speaker from sony
- new external DVD Player for Computer
- mosquito nets at both big doors
- a wood platform at the back (used it as a table)
- a guitar
- little dish construction inside
- lots of comprehensive toolkit on board (my seller worked as a mechanican)
- 2 petrol cans (22l each)
- 1 Water can (10L)

Camping Stuff included:
- a gascooker with gasbottles
- 2 camping chairs
- a quick build up tent with airmatress and pump
- a sleeping bag
- 4 cutleries, knifes and more
- camping plates and bowls
- 5 cups and 2 glasses
- pots and pan
- and lots more...

So, I always traveled with a friend and sometimes with 3 People.
I had a good time and now my backflight started soon and I really want to see my sisters baby and to fly back home.

I spend 7.900$ for this van and only my equipment has a value of 4.500$.
But because of less time, I offer my car for 6.000$ negotiable and you can immedietaly start your safe ride.
So find me also on gumtree, too and feel free to contact me and have a look!
+61 452 278 525
Cheers Anne Tobias

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