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Travellers Autobarn - rentals

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Travellers Autobarn - rentals
« on: 14,March,2010 »

Write a review for Travellers Autobarn *** RENTALS *** here  Smiley

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Re: Travellers Autobarn - rentals
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 02,March,2013 »

Don't hire a camper van  from travellers autobarn. Seriously go with another company. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They go back on their word and once you have paid ie. they have your money, they don't care and do whatever ever they want. They  dont answer the phone and when they do keep passing you between departments, don't take any responsibily and never call you back when they say they will. They think they can treat travellers however they want once you have paid and provide a poor service as they know there is little you can do about it. That is before you actually start discussing the vehicles they rent.
Be warned and try another company like Apollo or Britz.
We really regret renting with them, it ruined our holiday of a lifetime.

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