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The Van Man - Sydney

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The Van Man - Sydney
« on: 03,September,2010 »


We would like to make people aware of a car dealer in Sydney. He is specialist in vans, which lots of travellers prefer to buy. His name is "The Van Man, 66 Parramatta Rd, Granville"

He is a cardealer, like lots of cardealers are: Not to trust. He is friendly to talk with, but he is not telling the truth about the condition of the car. He pretents not knowing anything about the car, hiding the problems it has. In our case the enginenumber on the papers did not match the enginenumbers on the engine. And the radiator was completely blocked, so we had to buy a new one, making the car 500 dollars more expensive.

Resum: Be extra aware of the cars condition, if you deal with him. Unlike cardealers outside of Sydney, he is not fixing problems with the car, before selling it. Check that the enginenumber in the papers is the same as on the engine itself.

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Re: The Van Man - Sydney
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Hi there,

I am a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane and I have a bit of advice for you to avoid a lot of problems like this.

Do what we do before we buy ANY car.

For $4 you can get a report on a vehicle before committing to buy it.

It will tell you what the registered details are for:

1.  VIN (vehicle identification number on the body)
2.  Engine number.
3.  Registration number.
4.  Build date.
5.  Compliance date.

Compare all of these things carefully and if they don't match the vihicle you are buying, or the documents being sold with the vehicle - WALK AWAY.

It also tells you if the car has ever been written off and if it has ever been reported as stolen.

Very importantly, this government sponsored report guarantees title. Which simply means if there is any finance outstanding on the vehicle.

If there is, usually the vehicle itself is held as collateral and can be taken away from you - even if you have paid for it.

Please check these things.

The Australian Government website to get this report for only $4 is here:

Make sure you do this!


If you have a car to sell in Brisbane, I may have a cash offer for you and take care of all the paperwork.

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I am a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane and usually I can pay cash for your car today. I do all the paperwork with Queensland Transport too. See more and get in touch with me here: or call me on 0411 362 229.
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