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Why not take the time to leave some feedback?!   Smiley

Generally reviews are written by two types of people:
1. very happy customers  Grin or
2. very unhappy customers   Angry

It is a great testament to a product or service that a customer would take the time to sit down and write something good.

Researchers like yourself, use reviews to find out more about a product or service before they commit to it, so a positive review is very valuable indeed to a company and is a great reward for their customer service.

In a similar way, bad reviews can put off countless customers from using a product or service, so a bad review can cost a company significant revenue.

To be fair, if you write a negative review, please provide either your invoice number, customer care number, registration number or a valid contact telephone number, this will allow the operator to address your complaint.
If you write a negative review, the company that is subject to that review will be given right of reply ... it is only fair to them, perhaps HCC reviews can be a catalyst to resolution or help drive better customer service.

Please don't jump on and flame a company because you don't like their brand!
We can't leave flame reviews on the site unless they are validated as real customer service stories.

Happy reviewing and thanks for taking the time!

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