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Perth - June: Mitsubishi - Express - 2006 - $8,000 duplicate 1

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Available: June

Selling in: Perth

Sellers name: Timothy

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Express

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 2006

Registration number: 245VYL

Registered in: QLD

Registration expires: 7 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 230,000

Car Condition: Still looking and going well!

Colour: White

Price: $8,000

Timothy registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0487 258 928  (Telstra mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


2006 Mitsubishi Express L200 2.4L 5 Speed Manual Campervan.  I've converted the back in to a bed with storage and a kitchen in the trunk.  Very good engine condition with a 63 point safety check, completed in March 2016.  Mechanic said he saw no problems and the engine looks like it has been very well taken care of.  My girlfriend and I will be driving it from Brisbane to Tasmania, then to Perth in May 2016 and expect to be in Perth in June 2016.  The van will be available after we arrive in Perth.    

I have added many features including:

1. Accessory Gel 105AH deep cycle battery and Voltage Sensitive Isolator/Relay.  Allows you to charge it while driving and it won't ever drain your starter battery.  Charges starter battery first then switchs to Accessory battery automatically.  Gel batteries do not leak the dangerous fumes like Lead Acid and are able to be discharged/recharged regularly.  Originally $240 + $200 for relay, cables and components.

2. Brand new Bluetooth/USB/AUX/SD Stereo Head Unit.  Installed a switch that allows the stereo and speakers to turn on/off with the ignition or stay on and run off the Accessory battery.  You can have tunes without worrying about draining your starter battery! You can even connect your phone for handsfree.

3. Waeco 32L Fridge/Freezer.  Can run off AC or DC.  Unlike cooler boxes this fridge can freeze down to -10C.  Orginally $600

4. 120W Enerdrive Foldable Solar Panel with solar controller and 10 meter Anderson Lead.  These are some of the best panels on the market.  Originally $600 + cost of lead.

5. Sun/Rain Awning installed on Roof Rack.  Very easy to put up in 2 minutes and has protective covering for storing it. Originally $180

6. 12 LED Solar light that you can use for the inside or to cook out the back.

7. 2 burner camp stove installed with gas tank.  

8. Full Size bed with custom built frame and plenty of storage.

9. Custom built shelves for easy access to things.

10.  + everything you need to live in a camper van like all necessary kitchen things, tools, mosquito netting, jerry cans, water jugs, and  much much more!

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