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Toll and electronic tags

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Toll and electronic tags
« on: 11,November,2008 »

How do I pay toll in NSW, some roads don't seem to have a place were I can pay with coins.

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Re: Toll and electronic tags
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 12,November,2008 »

Hello Clog!! Welcome to HCC and a nice username   Cool

There are quite a lot of toll roads in and around major cities across Australia.   Undecided
Some have toll boths where you can stop and pay with money, however quite a lot don't and this seems to be the trend as new roads are added.
You may notice that a lot of cars have a small white box stuck to the inside of the windscreeen, this is an e-Tag and allows the driver to pay from an account without stopping.
It is probably best to buy one of these if you are staying and driving around a major city for an extended period.
You can get a tag from the local RTA office. You will need to pay a small bond, but you get that back when you return it at the end of your driving time.

As a real world example, if you are driving north from Sydney (city), you will pass through the Lane Cove tunnel which is toll road without physical booths!

If you don't have a tag, look out carefully for the 1300 number advertised near the tunnel, you can call that and pay by phone.
Always call, as I know for a fact they will catch you and then charge extra as they had to track you down ...!

Here is the web site for the Lane Cove tunnel :

Their 1300 number is 13 76 26

There are day passes you can buy by phone, this maybe a better option if you are only here for a short time. Details on the website above.

Cheers and thanks for supporting HCC.

Good luck,


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