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Rip tides - The SEA is different here than in Europe - be VERY careful please

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This morning I read again another tourist tragically killed here in the sea.

One of an estimated 15,000 people caught in rip tides each here.
Nobody tells you about rip tides @ school in Europe, so here is our warning to you.

Sorry, I hope not to scare you, you can swim here but you need to know about rip tides before swimming @ the beach in Australia.

I nearly got stuck twice in my first years here and so did Barbara in her first few months.
It is terrifying to be caught in a rip tide, especially when the sea looks so calm.

The sea here is dangerous, even if you can swim, you need to know about 'rips'.

From a study by the university and Surf Life Saving Australia found more than half of Australian beachgoers could not identify a rip when shown a picture of one.
Among overseas tourists and inland Australians the figures are assumed to be far worse.
Quote "This level of ignorance is particularly frightening when you consider rips are involved in the vast majority of the 80 surf drownings and more than 15,000 rescues that occur on Australian beaches each year."

Many beaches here in Australia have 'rips', this is a strange condition where the sea on top looks lovely, calm and inviting, but when you get in, you find you can not get back to the shore.

Bondi for example has terrible rips and so do most Sydney beaches ... and I believe most beaches around Australia.

If you get caught in a rip:

1. Stay calm

2. Stop swimming and compose yourself

3. If possible alert someone on shore

4. Swim across the beach, not to it. (Rips are usually localised to a few hundred meters)

5. When you have swum 100m across the beach or so, try and swim back to shore.

6. If you can, look for a surfer or life guard and signal that you are in trouble. Often a surfer will recognise you are in trouble and let you grab their board.

TIP: Nobody has ever died in Australia if they swim between the life guards flags ... ALL school children here know this, tourists do not.
Be careful.

The sea looks lovely - it is - but it will kill you if you don't understand about rip tides.

If you have experienced being caught in a rip, please login and reply ... this is an important topic.

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