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Nissan - Patrol - 1991 - $5,000

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Nissan - Patrol - 1991 - $5,000
« on: 08,April,2016 »

Available: Now

Selling in: Melbourne

Sellers name: Daniel

Make: Nissan

Model: Patrol

Gears: Automatic

Manufactured year: 1991

Registration number: 1GV4LZ

Registered in: VIC

Registration expires: 11 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 310,000

Car Condition: See my description

Colour: Gold

Price: $5,000

Daniel registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0452 346 948  (Telstra mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


We are Sadly selling Patrol as our time in Aus draws to a close and we head back to the UK end of April.
We have travelled to some remote places and as such I've had a lot of work done to ensure it's very reliable. The work we've had done includes: new battery, 4 new tyres, new universal joint, new head gasket, machined the head, new radiator, new water pump, new spark plugs, all new hoses, new starter motor, tuned to run well on LPG, new belts.

The car has been serviced every 5,000kms including oil change, new coolant etc.
The car runs well on both LPG and petrol but is tuned to run on LPG.

If fluids are checked regularly the car should do another 200,000kms with no issues after having the head rebuilt.

The car comes with comprehensive AWN warranty (pays for any necessary repairs) and comprehensive RAC breakdown cover until August 2016.

The bed is full length and very comfy. The kitchen is very handy, with working sink and there's heaps of storage underneath the bed. The front seats flip forward and a hinged section of the bed folds forward to extend the bed to 6 foot in length.

The back seats are in storage in Melbourne and the necessary bolts come with the car. It's very easy and takes about an hour to remove the bed and kitchen and put the seats back in the car.

The car has a new CD player with radio and a USB input to play the music off your phone. You can charge two devices at once using the cigarette lighter adapter included and the CD player.

It comes with large sand tyres and has had a lift to make sure he can get over any obstacles. It has a Safari Snorkel and can go pretty much anywhere. It also comes with heavy duty kangaroo bars and spot lights which are fitted to a nice high amp fuse running from a separate selector switch connected to the full beam headlights.

Included with the car is all you need for camping, gas stoves, Esky, chairs, table etc and fishing and snorkelling equipment.  Also included is 'Camps 8' book (to find all the good camp sites) and new Garmin SatNav.

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