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Mechanic - Sydney - Col Voss Automatic Transmissions (CVAT) - from Corneel

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Col Voss Automatics Transmissions
1/128 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100

Phone: 02 9907 4486

This recommenadation came from Corneel, seller of

Comment from Corneel:
"thx for using your forum to sell the van. I was able to sell it (via gumtree). But I think your site is a very good one 'cause it offers more help, I actually used it when we bought the van 3 and a half months ago (to check what to look for).

Two mechanics I can recommand:

   1. Col Voss Automatic Transmissions (CVAT), 128 Old Pitwater Road, Brookvale [], know it through the people where we stayed (they have there car serviced there), he did the big check up in the beginning of our trip
   2. Beach Wheels []: diesel specialist, recommanded by CVAT (see 1). He checked a few things and gave a final go before taking of for the trip around Oz.

Anywhay, thank you for your website, it was very helpful.

Keep up the good work!"

NOTE: HCC is not paid by and has no relationship with this garage.

If you also used this mechanic, please write a review / reply here to let others know about the service.

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