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Good mechanic in Brisbane?

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Good mechanic in Brisbane?
« on: 08,September,2010 »

Andreas asked:

Do u know a good mechanic in Brisbane who does not rip off customer?

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Re: Good mechanic in Brisbane?
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 22,April,2014 »

About the question of getting a good mechanic.

I am a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane and I have a good mechanic I use all the time.

But I am not going to recommend him to you - because you don't know me - so my recommendation is of little value to you!

So I recommend doing these two things:

1.  Ask around where you are staying. First hand recommendations (or mechanics to avoid) are always best for you. This will be a first hand referral.

2.  Often you won't be able to get a first hand referral so do this. Go to a local mechanic with your car and explain as best as you can exactly what you want checked and/or fixed. Let the mechanic know from the beginning you will be getting a second opinion on what work is necessary to be fixed NOW and what can WAIT.  A mechanic will make more money by fixing things that are "almost worn out". Make the effort of getting a second opinion telling that mechanic exactly the same thing. Pick the mechanic who comes up with the best solution for you.

A lot of the time people will brand a mechanic a "rip-off" when that is not necessarily the case. Different mechanics will work to different standards and recommend fixing different things.

Get a few opinions!

If you need to sell your car today or soon in or around Brisbane, as a licensed motor dealer I may have a cash offer for you before you even have to see a mechanic.

Hope that helps,

* sell-my-car-for-cash-brisbane.jpg (301.49 KB, 776x987 - photo clicked 58 times.)

I am a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane and usually I can pay cash for your car today. I do all the paperwork with Queensland Transport too. See more and get in touch with me here: or call me on 0411 362 229.
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