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Toyota - Landcruiser - 1984 - $ 4500

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Toyota - Landcruiser - 1984 - $ 4500
« on: 23,April,2014 »

Available: Now

Selling in: Darwin

Sellers name: Janine

Make: Toyota

Model: Landcruiser

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 1984

Registration number: 111TOP

Registered in: QLD

Registration expires: 5 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 330,000

Car Condition: See my description

Colour: Black

Price: $ 4500

Janine registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0481 345 960  (Optus mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


selling it, because we have to leave the country . We sell a HONESTLY car in good condition for that age,that is why we write that detailed list above...

iam a hobby mecanic and my friend is a full trained mecanic and we looked well after it.
We are open for fair real offers. car is available now in darwin or around.

Bad things first:
-air con needs regas (we dont needed it anyway)
-2 little stone cracks in the windscreen (already repaired see picture)
-tyres 50% (see picture)
-rost in the driver door (see picture,wasnt any problem at the last roadworthy)
-powersteering hose leaking a little bit(we bought it like this just filled it up a bit every 2000km)
-need maybe 0,5 liter oil every 2000 k( people told me thats normal and very good for that cars)
-chassis 489000 km
-driver window works a bit slower


- new Battery (150 dollers)
-new belts (maybe 10000 km now)
Fresh service
-new glow plugs (cost 400dollars)
-big service with everything 20000km ago normal service every 8-10000km and fresh now
-aluminium sidesteps, tjm roofrack and bullbar(see pictures just that cost us 650 $)
-no rost without the one door, couple pimples thats it.
-still has the backpassenger seats just flipped down if you wanne built it back to the normal wagon.
-H2 Diesel engine with 328000km not much for that engine,ask australian mechanics if you dont belive that.
- needs just 10 - 12 lliter diesel,thats great for a 4.0 liter engine.
-cruise control
-mosquito screen on both backwindows(a must have i guess)
-non smoking car
-6 month of regitration left
-third party incurance to 11/6
- premium australian wide road asisstance to october
-two spear tyres but one is flat at the moment.
-jack and all other tyre changing equippment

Fully camping equipped with:

-new rubber clark premium matress( coast 250$)
-sheets and pillows
-60 liter esky (cool box cost185$)
-2 heavy camping chairs (150$)
-camping table(kitchen 120$)
-double gas cooker with toaster(150$)
-new 4 kg gas bottle (40$)
-1200amp jump starter with lamp ,usb and 12volt charging points (180$)
-fire pit( to have a save fire place)
-2x20liter water cans(40$)
-fishing rod (50$)
-2 person tent(80$)
-heaps of plastic boxes to store your stuff
-cooking and eat equippment of course some are still new
-capmping shower
-other little usefull campingstuff to much to list all.
write some prices down just to give a little feeling whats the prices are in australia .

if you need more pictures let us know.
no swap.
please send email or call(few times because we are often in remote areas)
cheers danny and janine
ps we are still travelling in it so the km are changing up a bit....

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