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Mitsubishi - Pajero 4x4 3l Petrol - 1995 - $5,500

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Available: Now

Selling in: Cairns

Sellers name: Hendrik

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Pajero 4x4 3l Petrol

Gears: Automatic

Manufactured year: 1995

Registration number: 643RDW

Registered in: QLD

Registration expires: 1 month

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 30,000

Car Condition: Still looking and going well!

Colour: Green

Price: $5,500

Hendrik registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0467 982 211  (Telstra mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


We've done a roadtrip in Australia and are expecting to hit Cairs, our last stop, around March 16th, and this car will be for sale immediately.

It is a petrol car with automatic transmission. The rego is expiring on 27. 03. 2016. There is a bed inside but you can rebuild it back into a 5 seater easily. Furthemore it comes with all the stuff you will need for camping and driving on and off the road. (Have a look at the list below!)

As you can see the car is fully equiped and ready for the next Roadtrip immediately! If you are backpacking this car is ideal. We've looked at many vans and cars and this one seemed to have the best of both worlds, convertable to a 5 seater, a full size bed even fit for tall people (I'm 1.94M) and a superb offroad performer so you can visit all the national parks, beaches and campsites.

If you are interested feel free to contact me Smiley

About the car:
-Automatic gearbox
-Automatic windows
-Radio with CD / Bluetooth / USB / AUX-in (to connect your phone)
-Working (serviced) Airco (a must!)
-Part-time 4x4 (you can switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive)
-12v cigarette lighter in the front AND back
-New muffler installed 4 weeks ago (receipt present)
-New fuel pump installed 4 weeks ago (receipt present)

Camping stuff and other equipment:
-Camping cooker (2 flames)
-Gas bottle (2 Kg, refillable at camping stores and fuel stations)
-Plates and bowls
-Pans and potts
-And everything else you will need for cooking
-2 big boxes for food and other stuff
-2 small boxes for food and other stuff
-Esky (15 litres)
-2 insanely comfortable outdoor chairs (purchased for $168 each 2 months ago)
-Jerry can for petrol (20 litres)
-Jerry can for drinking water (20 litres)
-Roof rack rails (Rhino Rack)
-Ropes (to fixate stuff on the roof)
-Jumper leads
-Air compressor (12V)
-2 Power inverters (300W) (enough to charge everything, we got 4 cameras, 2 phones, laptop, 4 spare batteries, and more, and it all charges no problem)
-Tyre repair-kit
-Spare wheel
-Modified timber planks (if you get bogged in the sand)
-Car jack
-Wheel brace
-Double bed mattress
-4 Pillows (bought new, 2 months old)
-Blanket, duvet, linnen

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