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Cairns - October: Ford - Wagon - 1998 - $500

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Cairns - October: Ford - Wagon - 1998 - $500
« on: 18,September,2015 »

Available: October

Selling in: Cairns

Sellers name: Allaneike

Make: Ford

Model: Wagon

Gears: Automatic

Manufactured year: 1998

Registration number: 1AFP295

Registered in: WA

Registration expires: less than 1 month

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 250,000

Car Condition: A little tired but otherwise okay

Colour: White

Price: $500

Allaneike registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0894 724 793  (Optus mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The car is still registered in WA till 1st October  but need to be registered within the month . I'm offering the car  for a backpacker to not buy but drive back to Western Australia     just for the registration fee and a bit extra for the guy who has the car in Cairns.The only other cost is for fuel to get to WA.   $500 is the asking price  .You can take as long as you like but before the next registration  due in January 2016. I will inform the guy in Cairns where to meet and make arrangements  etc There maybe camping gear included .If interested contact me

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