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Sold your car? How?!!!

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Sold your car? How?!!!
« on: 24,November,2008 »

Best way to sell cars - let other know here ... also help HCC get better  Grin

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Re: Sold your car? How?!!!
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 11,December,2008 »

I think the best way to sell the car is, to chose a realistic price for it.
Just think about what was important for you when you bought the car.

Re: Sold your car? How?!!!
« POST AN UPDATE #2 on: 20,September,2009 »

Have a look around and know what market you're in and which period of the year. A good clue it's time to sell is when you start to see more "Wanted" ads than people trying to sell their vehicle!

The pictures of your car have to look good, and ideally the car itself! Give it a nice compound and then wax it, shine your tires and if you have time complete the necessary repairs  as if you were going on a long trip. This way your buyer will fell safer!

I had some leftover time at the end of my trip and spent 2 weeks fixing up the aesthetic and repairs needed... bottom line it sold in less than 24h and I made an interesting profit! Wink

Re: Sold your car? How?!!!
« POST AN UPDATE #3 on: 03,October,2009 »

most car ads and flyers are very boring - this makes it quite easy to have your ad stand out from the competition:

- print it in color.
- change the layout: have the big photo of your car in the center and 4-6 smaller pictures with you and your car next to some landmarks (car with ayers rock in background, car next to a kangaroo, car in front of a nice scenery, hot chick taking a sunbath on the roof of your car etc.) on the left and right side of the paper and add some captions to the pictures.
- list all services and parts you had fixed or replaced while you had the car. this gives buyer the impression that you took good care of the car. 'never had any problems in 6 months' in flyers sounds to me like 'i know nothing about cars and didnt even change the motor oil'.
- clean the car inside and outside before you show it to buyers. try to get a one of those steam cleaners for the seats, or consider buying some seat $30 covers.
- dont forget your phone number, email, hostel where the people can visit you and the current date on your flyer. offer a pick up for a test drive.

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Re: Sold your car? How?!!!
« POST AN UPDATE #4 on: 05,August,2015 »

Easy. To help out dealers and the public we have built a new valuation website that will allow you to have your car valued by up to 10 dealers - all without leaving your home!

Introducing our new Trade Valuation website.

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