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Sleeping in your car?!

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Sleeping in your car?!
« on: 15,April,2009 »

hi mate, quick question. Just read that its illegal to sleep in your own vehicle in some parts of australia? if things get tight is it really that illegal? or will I always have to find a camp site / hostel?



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Re: Sleeping in your car?!
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 15,April,2009 »

Good question!

Sleeping in your car is not permitted in most places by council by-law.

Imagine if you had somebody sleeping outside your house in a car, chatting, going to the bathroom etc ... obviously not desirable!

I would say generally common sense comes into play!
Sleep in a camping spot where there is one within reasonable distance ... in the middle of the outback there is probably nobody to object, especially if you are considerate and clean up after yourself.
Most national parks will have notices to guide you.

In the cities, stay in a hostel.

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Re: Sleeping in your car?!
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Ok great, that's alright then.

thanks again


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