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Selling a NSW car in QLD

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Selling a NSW car in QLD
« on: 29,April,2010 »

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know the procedure for selling a NSW registered car in QLD? We are trying to sell our 1990 Mazda 626i Stationwagon for $1500 ono with 3 weeks NSW rego left on it. We are flying out of Brisbane in a few weeks time and have identified a buyer. He is a Koren student who is studying in Brisbane and wants the car to travel around in. How easy is the transfer process and how much will this all cost for him? His English isn't great so I have agreed to help him with sale if he agrees to buy the car.

Any help/advice on the most cost effective way to do this would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Re: Selling a NSW car in QLD
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 29,April,2010 »

Hi Karl,

There are two parts to a sale!

Your part
You simply need to complete the back of the NSW registration form(sellers portion), with the details of the buyer and post the document to the NSW RTA ... it could not be easier and you can sell the car anywhere in Australia.

ALWAYS post the document yourself ... this may seem silly, but many people forget and then end up with traffic fines which they did not incur.

Buyers part
The buyer must decide if they will register the car in NSW, or re-register it in the state they are in.
In the case of NSW, all the buyer needs to do is go-to the NSW RTA office, produce their ID (including NSW address), the receipt and the registration document and pay the transfer fee.
If the buyer chooses to register the car in Queensland (which I guess is probably you're case), the buyer will also need a new QLD safety inspection.

As you're cars registration is almost expired, even in NSW you would need a safety inspection in the next few weeks.

To me ... and without knowing where your buyers registered address is, you should help him get the safety inspection in the appropriate state, then go with him to the registration office and help with the paperwork.

Hope this helps  Cool



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Re: Selling a NSW car in QLD
« POST AN UPDATE #2 on: 24,May,2010 »

Thanks Ivan, for your spot on advice, it was very helpful. I managed to sell the car and NSW transfer to QLD went through with no hiccups. It was never as difficult as it sounded.

Cheers again,


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