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NSW rego expired, want to sell it in QLD...

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Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me out with this...

I want to sell my Ford Falcon, which was registered in NSW but the registration has expired the 28th of September. I know we can renew it within 3 months after expiry date. I am now in Cairns QLD and I want to sell it. I'm trying to get a Safety Certificate so that the new buyer won't have extra costs if he wants to get it back on the road.

I would like to know what would be the best option for my buyer:

1. renew the registration in NSW?

In that case the issue would be: can I transfer my expired registration (less than 3 months after expiry date)to the new buyer, can the buyer then renew the rego himself and is a Safety Inspection of Queensland sufficient for a NSW rego renewal? We have a CTP that is still valid for a couple of months. Will this also be transferred to the buyer?

2. Cancel rego in NSW and register in QLD

This is probably the most practical solution, but some things aren't clear to me. Do I officially have to transfer my expired NSW Certificate of Registration to the buyer if he will cancel it afterwards? Or do I cancel the registration in NSW myself before I sell it and let the buyer do the new registration in QLD?

I have been looking on the internet for hours to find a solution, hope this forum can help me out.



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Re: NSW rego expired, want to sell it in QLD...
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Hi Sofie,

There is really only one legal option!  Undecided

1. Get a new QLD safety certificate from a vehicle testing station

2. Sell the car with the certificate

3. When sold, complete the NSW transfer of registration document. (the form on the back of the registration paper)

4. If you are kind (assumption you are!) ... help the buyer complete the QLD registration, which involves taking the old plates to the registration office, getting new plates and of course getting insurance.


This is really your only option ... other than selling to a dealer or transporting the car back to NSW.

Hope it helps



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