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insuring a car, does rego matter?

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insuring a car, does rego matter?
« on: 25,June,2010 »


I would like to know if it is harder to insure a car registered in certain states. I am currently in sydney, and interested in buying a WA registered car. Would insuring it (i would like to have thirt pary property as wel as the compulsory insurance) be difficult? If i check the nrma website for a quote i have to fill in in which neighbourhood the car will usually be. What should i fill in there?
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Re: insuring a car, does rego matter?
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Hi Willem,
Sorry for the slow reply.

The most important part of insurance cost, is not the state the car is registered, it is 'garage address' or your 'home address' ... basically, this means where the car is 'usually' kept.

In the case of a backpacker, this will usually be the hostel you are staying at while you are looking for your car, then preparing your car for travel ... as most likely you will be there most time of any hostel.
After that, you will be driving to a different place every day!

It is always worth a phone call to the insurance company to check they are okay with this.

Basically, some areas have more accidents and theft than others, so they use the 'garage' address to calculate the insurance premium.

Comprehensive insurance is probably going to cost you more than the car!!! Third party property insurance is what you probably will find best value.

Hope this helps


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