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Buying a car with New South Wales (NSW) registration

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Hi Guys,

A inquiry came in from Nico on buying a NSW registered car that is for sale in Cairns.

Lets be clear, if you buy a car with NSW registration, you will need to be in NSW, or plan to be get to NSW within 14 days.

If you can not get to a NSW registration office in 14 days, you will get a fine and perhaps invalidate your insurance.

Options are :

1. Buy the car and register it in the state you are in. (this involves a safety test and some transfer fees)
If you do this, you should get a refund of ~$50 per month of outstanding registration from NSW (rego and green slip)

2. Drive to NSW ... depending on where you are this maybe easy or hard!

3. Find a different car ... (WA has the easist rego system to transfer)

Hope this helps ... sorry if it is bad news for some.

Really, this news should simply mean that a buyer of a NSW car outside of NSW can bargain a lower price to complete the proper procedure ... so if both parties agree a fare price, then all is good?

Remember, I am writing this September 7th 2009, so if you read this in the future, always check the registration site for latest updates:

As always, please feel free to login and comment  Cool

====== from RTA Sept 7 2009 =======

Transferring registration

To transfer the registration of a vehicle, you must visit a motor registry and provide the following:

    * the certificate of registration for your vehicle, completed and signed on the back by the seller
    * proof of your identity eg. your drivers licence
    *  the receipt showing that you are the new owner
    * the transfer fee and stamp duty cost.

You have 14 days to transfer the Certificate of Registration into your name. After this period you will be charged a late transfer fee. Failing to transfer the registration can result in the RTA cancelling the registration altogether. Your vehicle will then be unregistered which can result in hefty fines and will leave your vehicle uninsured.

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