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Adelaide - April: Toyota - Townace - 1993 - $5,490

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Available: April

Selling in: Adelaide

Sellers name: Griet

Make: Toyota

Model: Townace

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 1993

Registration number: 1EDK892

Registered in: WA

Registration expires: 5 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 320,000

Car Condition: Excellent condition

Colour: White

Price: $5,490

Griet registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0477 661 192  (Telstra mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Hello everybody!

After 7.5 months of Australia, were ready to move on to the next stage of our trip, so we have to sell our beloved van, Vanessa. We bought her from a German backpacker who, in turn, bought it from an older Australian couple who used her as a weekend van. Were happy to say that she was always looked after very well by her owners, and we hope we can find her a new owner who will take good care of her.

As you can read above, shes a Toyota TownAce, aged 20 years (1993) and 320 000 km on the counter. Her V4 engine runs on unleaded petrol, shes a manual and has a WA rego until the 14th of August, which means 4 months left! The fact that shes registered in WA, means that you can renew the rego online from anywhere in Australia nd sell her from anywhere. This is only possible with a WA rego. Besides that, we have all the important paperwork you might need, including a guide for servicing the van, RACQ inspection report, a garage report on repairs done and our selling/buying papers.

Were currently staying in Cape Otway along the Great Ocean road and are coming to Adelaide on the 3th of April. If youre really interested in the van, we can set up a meeting.

Like the two previous owners, we have serviced her every 5000 kms for the 15000 km that we have driven with her; change of oil and oil filter, petrol filter and cooling fluid. We`ve also bought a lot of extra things to go with the van and are hoping to sell with it:

Inside/on the van
-Foldable mattress for 2; in this way you can have a couch and a bed; perfect for when its raining or when youre giving other people a ride.
-New curtains
-On top of the van: large rack with metal box (80l)
-4 big boxes underneath the couch for clothing and other storage
-1 extra cupboard (60l), a small crate (20l) and a net on the ceiling
-In the back: cupboards and shelves to store water, petrol and cooking gear
-Bright TL lamp, connected to the car battery and two smaller lights
-2 seat covers and a wheel cover
-CD/Aux radio
-2 separate USB/cigarette lighter multipliers connected to the car battery
-2 drying lines for clothes, towels, etc

Cooking gear
-4 new quality cooking pots, two pans
-2 gas cookers
-10 plastic mugs/cups, 4 plates, 7bowls, a LOT of cutlery, a couple of decent sharp knives, masher etc.
-Barbeque utilities
-A lot of spices and dry food
-2 10l water containers

Electrical gear
-Red Power; a 6in1 jump starter Power Station from Powertech which you can charge while driving or in a regular power socket.
-Jump-start the van or charge a 12VDC battery
-2 12VDC cigarette lighter sockets for operating 12V appliances
-5 LED powered work light and two digital display indicators
-An extremely useful 260PSI (Displays 99 Max) air compressor
-400W inverter output at the rear (charge your Laptop!)
-5VDC 2.1A USB socket for charging Smartphones, Tablets etc.
-GoPro HD Hero 2 in perfect condition with 2 16gig SD cards, 2Li-Ion batteries, a lot of mounts and (waterproof)cases, 1 Floaty Backdoor (makes the GoPro float)
-Portable (big-ass) sound cube of JVC ( connects to CD/AUX Radio) easy to take out, put it on a plug and connect via Bluetooth/ AUX
-240w Power inverter attached to the car battery
-1 small LED light on batteries 1 big LED working light (connects to Red Power or cigarette lighter)
-USB WiFi stick: Internet everywhere!
-1 2m extension cable, 2 power multipliers and a lot of extra cables, transformers and wires

Camping gear
-New Dome tent: 3M on 3M: perfect for storage and sleeping, weather and insect proof
-2p Iglo tent
-65l cooler Esky: keeps everything cool for at least 4 days
-25l smaller cooler Willow and one cool bag
-Three camping chairs (one moon chair and one lounge chair)
-2 foldable tables (1 big, one small)
-1 Hammock
-Air-mattress (1p)
-3 Shelters/Tarps of different sizes
-3 (dish) washing bowls (one big, two small)
-1 sleeping bag, 2 roll matts, fleece blanket, 2 pillows and covers
-18.9l Camping shower

Car-related gear
-Extra car-battery
-2Ol petrol jerry can
-Spare tire and jack
-Toolbox with screwdrivers, hammer, saw and other utensils
-Spare oil, cooling and window cleaning fluid

Leisure material
-Surfboard and waxing material
-2 fishing rods, a lot of hooks, floaters, wire, etc
-Books and board games

-Camp 7 camping book
-Rope, screws, bolts, tie wraps, tape, markers
-Cleaning wipes, duster, towels, sponges
-Washing powder, clothes pegs
-Extra cans of butane gas
-Sewing stuff
-Emergency food package
-Insect repellent and sunscreen lotion
-Durable plastic bags for dirty laundry

If you need any other info or would like to place a bid, you can email us on Good luck!

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