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Mitsubishi - Express - 1992 - $4,600 *** NO UPDATES FOR 30 DAYS ***

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Available: Now

Selling in: Melbourne

Sellers name: Thomas

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Express

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 1992

Registration number: QUB944

Registered in: VIC

Registration expires: 3 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 410,000

Car Condition: See my description

Colour: White

Price: $4,600

Thomas registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0416 763 171  (Vodafone mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Hey mates,

we will sell our good boy "Billie" in Melbourne from the 10th of January.

The Van has got everything a traveller needs to survive a road trip in Australia Wink.
As u can see the van has been driven for more than 400.000 km but the engine was replaced so it is the 2. engine which is in a great condition (no strange sounds, runs very smoothly).
If u r suspicious we can drive to a mechanic and let him check the state of the engine. It is the most important part in a car so we can totally understand that as we have nothing to hide.

The van belongs to the group of the long ones (4,76). That means it is longer than a usual van which is sometimes even more than half a meter shorter and that means u have got much more space in the vehicle!!! It is much more convenient and gives u the chance to sit in the back of the car. 2 persons can sit in the back without problems and have breakfast or prepare other things. U don't have to go out of the van when its raining (believe me it can rain...) and u have a little cosy "living area" inside. Even cooking is not a problem but than it should better not rain as u ought to open the door while using gas stoves Wink.

The current Registration is until the end of March 2011. We could apply for a new one but this would result in a higher prize for you. A new rego will cost 250 Dollars and requires a Roadworthy Certificate which costs again 100 Dollars so at the end its 350 Dollars. We invested a huge amount of money 4 months ago to fix the vehicle from A to Z so the amount which has to be invested will be relatively little. Almost everything has been done and replaced and we drove more than 18.000 Kilometres with regular checks and we had NEVER a problem.

So when u look for a reliable car "Billie" is the one.

The following things are included:

- complete kitchen set
- 1x big cupboard with drawers.
-  2x big eskys!!! One for food one for drinks (believe me that's necessary!)
-  2x chairs + 1x table
-  1x cosy Queen Size Bed with heaps of space with pillows, linen etc.
-  4x steel shells under the bed which is used as a wardrobe.
-  1x brand new spare tire with jack
-  1x great radio with CD-Player
-  1x recharge-plug for the cigarette lighter (recharger for all your electrical devices).
-  1x navigation system! (very helpful)
-  1x big tent which can be attached to the vehicle and serves as an additional room or shelter.
-  1x solar shower (great piece makes u independent)
-  1x basic portable toilet
-  1x 20 Litre water can
-  2x 10 Litre jerry cans
-  1x big camping light (duration approx. 2 months with couple of hours light every day).
-  curtains for every side of the van
-  2x big mosquito-nets (u need them for the outback!)
-  1x Lonely planet (German)
-  1x Travellers Bible Australia (shows u every Caravan park and FREE Camping sites)
-  1x clothesline inside the car

The car is from 1992 so it is certainly not new but its reliable, in good condition and has taken us all over Australia without any problems. There are many shi... cars offered so keep ur eyes open and double check always when u r buying backpacker vans. We have invested more than 1500 dollars into the van to make it the way it is = many don't care. U can see all the details on the bill of the mechanic but we also bought recently brand NEW Front Tyres, Starter motor, Coolant hose during a routine check of the van (all bills included).

One more thing, the Van can be filled up with E10 Unleaded petrol with Ethanol which means that u can save up a lot of money on the East Coast where every Petrol Station offers this kind of fuel. It costs always less than usual Unleaded petrol. Why am I telling this? 'Cause many older cars (from the 80's) r too old to drive with this kind of fuel.

When u r interested give us a call or send an E-mail.

0416 763 171


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