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Ford - Falcon - 1993 - $3,500 *** NO UPDATES FOR 30 DAYS ***

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Available: Now

Selling in: Sydney

Sellers name: Kirsten

Make: Ford

Model: Falcon

Gears: Automatic

Manufactured year: 1993

Registration number: TZN350

Registered in: VIC

Registration expires: 12 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 270,000

Car Condition: See my description

Colour: White

Price: $3,500 $2,800 ono

Kirsten registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0449 048 051                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



Reliable automatic Ford Falcon, 1993 with air condition! 275.000 km. I bought from a dealer in Melbourne (VIC Plates)!

With the car you get the following camping stuff:

mattress, converter, gas stove, boxes to store stuff, tent, air mattress, pillows, blanket, 2 chairs, little table, dishes, jerry can, water tanks, book Camps 5 (with all free camping sites around Australia)!

With these fully equipped car it's easy to travel with 3-4 people!

And because it has a lpg (autogas) tank additional to the classical petrol tank you can save lots of money! Autogas is most of the time 1/2 of the price of petrol!

If you're interested and want to have a look or do a test drive please text or call me 0449 048 051 or send me an e-mail

Cheers, Kirsten

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Re: Ford - Falcon - 1993 - $ 2,800 (ono)
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