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1 month without an update and we will remove the car from the board ...

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1. Keep your car at the top of this board by posting updates (use 'post an update' ... you must be logged in to see this button)

Just like a physical notice board, the most recently updated post goes at the top. (automatically)
Even a small update like "Hey, still for sale" moves your car back to the top!

2. Add more photo's

A picture speaks a thousand words - add as many pictures as you want with HCC  Cool

3. Add more text

Tell a story about your car ... why is it the best?
Tents, pots & pans, maps, latest music player etc etc ... all these things the buyer maybe interested in!
Where have you been in the car / van / 4WD?
How did it go?
Aircon ... cruise control ... all good features, not every car has them!!

A bench seat ... now you are talking something special !!!! Wink

4. Change the price in the headline
Use contact us and we will change this for you, or post a reply to your own advert and we will see this and update the headline for you.  Smiley

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