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Ford - Falcon - 1998 - $3,500 *** SOLD !!! ***

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Available: November

Selling in: Perth

Sellers name: Arden

Make: Ford

Model: Falcon Wagon

Gears: Automatic

Manufactured year: 1998

Registration number: 186 LVC

Registered in: QLD WA

Registration expires: 3 months 6 months - see note below

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 200,000

Car Condition: Better than average

Colour: White

Price: $3,500

Arden registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0448 430 454  (Telstra mobile)                                                                                                                                                                                                        


A great travelling car. It hasn't given us any problems in our 16,000 km trip around Australia. Includes air conditioning for those hot summer days and cruise control to avoid expensive speeding tickets. Good mechanical condition with regular service. Recently serviced. Good tires. 10 to 11 litres per 100km. With only 201,000 km on it still has a lot of life in it. This is a common model so it is easy and relatively inexpensive to find parts and service. Fan belt recently replaced, coolant recently flushed.

The package includes a variety of camping and travelling gear including:

47 lite ice chest (Esky), camp table, 2 burner LP gas stove, 3 kg LP gas tank, LP gas lantern, stove and lantern post (to use both at the same time), 25 litre water container with spout, 2 camp chairs, 2 pillows, 5 storage containers to organise your things, heavy duty tarp, basic tools, Camps 5 map atlas (a good map set of the whole country and a bible for budget camping sites), cooking gear - medium pan, frying pan, cups, plates, knives, cutting board etc. All in good condition and together worth over $500.

Available November 1st, 2010 in Perth

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Re: Ford - Falcon - 1998 - $3,500
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Note: This car is now registered for 6 months in West. Australia which is the best registration for travelers to have. As part of this process it has just passed the safety inspection. It has also just been serviced.

Re: Ford - Falcon - 1998 - $3,500
« POST AN UPDATE #2 on: 03,November,2010 »

Hi Barb,
This car has sold and is no longer available. Please remove the listing from your site. Thanks for the opportunity to post my ad on your site. I also learned a lot from the information in your forum. Keep up the good work.
Gunny Ranger

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