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Mitsubishi - Delica - 1991 - $6,900 *** NO UPDATES FOR 30 DAYS ***

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Available: January

Selling in: Sydney

Sellers name: Sandra

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Delica

Gears: Manual

Manufactured year: 1991

Registration number: S971AET

Registered in: SA

Registration expires: 3 months

Approx KMs at time of advertising: 290,000

Car Condition: Better than average

Colour: Green

Price: $6,900

Sandra registered with HCC as a traveller

Phone: 0450 340 163  (Vodafone mobile)


You wanna explore Australia? Independent? On your own?
But you haven't found the right car yet?
Take the chance and decide for the best way to travel you can think of!
You can go wherever you want, whenever you want!
Feel free and enjoy your great adventure trip with BONITA!
BONITA is a reliable Mitsubishi Delica lady who looks for a new owner.
We travelled with her through whole Australia - she never let us down.
We love our car very much - though we looked very well after her.
"She" is regularly serviced (e.g. oil changes were done every 5,000 km and all service checks as well, even the smallest issues were immediately fixed).

"Her" Personal Details:
built: 1991 (she is for her age in a good condition)
engine: 2.2 TD
mileage: approx. 298,000 km (at the time of sale)
model: 4WD Exceed Van - the interior of the car is modified: 3 seats left, king size bed, small kitchen, several storage rooms etc.
registration: NSW
average petrol consumption: 10 l/100 km

"She" comes with:
air conditioning
wooden sport steering wheel
crystal roof (a perfect chance to watch the stars at night)
electric sunroof and window lifters
car remote
sony radio and cd player including a remote control
dimmer for big internal lighting
curtains (you can close curtains around the whole back part)
tinted windows
bull bar

Add on's:
spare parts (e.g. belts, tyre)
Camping kit (1 table, 3 chairs, small, eski, stove, sink, 2l-gas bottle, cattle, dish-kit)
fire extinguisher
spare tank
sun protection sheet for front screen

Replacement of wear parts - done in the last year:
new clutch
new second hand gearbox
new timing and balance belt
new oil pump coverage
new front tyres

If you are interested in Bonita please give us a ring:
Sandra 0450-340 163

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Re: Mitsubishi - Delica - 1991 - $6,900
« POST AN UPDATE #1 on: 25,November,2009 »

You can also contact me via email

Hope to hear from you.


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