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Travel Wheels
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Welcome to the Holidaycarclub (HCC) federated marketing program for 2010.

We believe you will find this program valuable and easy to use!

Brand Partner (BP)
A brand partner agrees to swap links with HCC.
For example, a brand partner may host our banner ad, in that case, we (subject to agreement) will host theirs.
If a brand partner hosts a text link, we (subject to agreement) will do the same.

Enhanced Value Partner (EVP)
An enhanced value partner offers a unique discount to backpackers referred from the HCC site.
For 2010, HCC have built a keycode generator that e-mails a discount keycode to the customer.
This allows usage tracking and confirms to the EVP that this is genuine reference.

Gold Partner (GP)
Put simply, a gold partner is a company offering a unique HCC discount and hosts either a link or banner ad to the HCC site.

BP - No charge, subject to agreement
EVP - pricing is either transaction based, or value based. Please use the form below for more information.
GP - same as EVP

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HCC - 2010 Federated Marketing Program v1.0